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J Aitchison Duns Ltd offer products or services via a carefully selected panel of funders. We may receive financial remuneration from introducing business to these funders or retailers.

In line with FCA legislation a customer (private individual, sole trader or small partnership) who uses our services which results in entering an agreement that is regulated by the consumer credit act has the right to request the amount of commission we receive.

J. Aitchison Duns Ltd can help you buy the car you want and keep the cash in your pocket. We provide you with a range of finance options to get you the right car, at a monthly budget you can afford. If your budget is really tight we even do nil deposit finance on selected vehicles – please ask at the showroom for further details.

Our Finance options are competitively priced, convenient and accessible. And because the finance is secured on the car you buy, you get much more protection than you would if you used a loan or other credit source to make your next purchase. There are many great reasons to choose J. Aitchison Duns Ltd to finance your new car:

CONVENIENT – We can organise the finances needed to purchase your new car here and NOW!

STRAIGHT FORWARD – The finance is organised alongside the process to prepare your new car for delivery, so you can apply today and once you are accepted, complete all the paperwork when you take delivery of the car.

BE ASSURED – Our finance is regulated and overseen by a number of authorities so you can be assured that the whole process is conducted professionally and fairly. And, because the finance is secured on the car, you get much more protection than with an unsecured personal loan.

CHOICE – We can provide you with a choice of traditional finance, PCP options and now new for our commercial vehicle buyers ‘Vat Assist’ all at competitive rates to suit your budget and we even do nil deposit deals on selected stock. Contact us for a no obligation quotation.

Vat Assist – There is never a good time for your old van to break down but in providing our customers with a new service in ‘VAT Assist’ we can get you back on the road with a replacement vehicle without having any sudden and unexpected financial outlay. Of course you don’t have to break down to take advantage of this service – maybe you are just considering a change or even an additional vehicle but don’t want the financial outlay at the time – well the good news is with ‘Vat Assist’ you can get another van on the road without lying out the deposit.

Traditionally, any customer buying a new or used Light Commercial Vehicle had to find at least the VAT as a deposit prior to taking delivery. However, if you take advantage of our ‘VAT Assist’ scheme we can supply your commercial vehicle today and you don’t have to pay the VAT equivalent amount until 3 months after taking delivery. By this time you would have completed your VAT return so there is no longer a cash-flow disadvantage in buying a van today!

Key benefits to ‘Vat Assist’

The VAT equivalent amount is collected from the customer on the 4th payment

Terms available from 12 to 60 months

Maximum advance of £15,000 + vat

For private Individuals, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and PLCs purchasing Light Commercial Vehicles

Contact our sales department for further information on ‘VAT Assist’ and for a no obligation finance quotation.

To find out more about the funding options we provide please call us on 01361 882720 or drop into the showroom and speak to our sales team.

Note; All quotes are subject to acceptance and terms and conditions.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for credit brokerage. FCA No. 659543.